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About Us

Company principal, Jessica DiMaggio, is a native of the East Bay with a passion for local architecture, modern building methods, and analyzing market trends. She is a State Certified Appraiser and is FHA approved.

Jessica began working as the office manager for an appraisal firm in 1998. After completing her degree in Sociocultural Anthropology, she returned to appraising, enjoying the analytical nature of real estate valuation. In 2005 she earned a "Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser" credential from the state of California, and in 2008 opened her own firm, Diablo Valley Appraisals.


Jessica specializes in homes located along the 680/24 corridor, unique and complex properties, retrospective estate-settlement appraisals, and market value appraisals for private party and lending purposes.


She currently serves on the corporate board of directors for the Real Estate Appraiser Association.

"Our goal at Diablo Valley Appraisals is to provide the highest level of client satisfaction through personal communication, timely report delivery, and accurate appraisal practices."

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